Simonsen Services
Do you need?
To expand those valuable transgenic colonies?
To increase housing capacity?
To establish a backup colony?
To protect the health integrity of the colony?
To eliminate murine pathogens from valuable rodent strains?
To maintain colonies in a pathogen-free condition?
Custom Housing & Production Caesarean Rederivation Services

Simonsen Laboratories, Inc. through their
Simonsen Services Division is pleased to
offer rodent housing and production in
flexible film isolators, either glove box or
room-size, depending on the scope of your

Housing and production services feature:

  • Production reports generated weekly.
  • Summary production reports
    generated monthly.
  • Inventory of stock animals
    itemized monthly.
  • Health report generated quarterly.
  • FREE shipping in our local delivery
    area with an $14.00 box charge. Out
    of area customer pays for air freight,
    local delivery and box charges.
  • Mate to customer's specifications.
  • Production maximized. 

Simonsen's staff works closely with
the customer following their guidelines.

Over 35 years of contract
production experience.

Integrity of isolator housing system.

Additional Caesarean rederivation service
suitable to enhance quality of production
and animal health.

The cost for this service is:
$2200 per month per glove box isolator

Production in room-sized isolators is quoted
according to the requirements of your
project. Please call for quotation.

Simonsen Laboratories, Inc. is pleased to offer
Gnotobiotic Caesarean Rederivation of
both rats and mice.

The charges per strain are as follows:
Caesarean surgery $3050.00
Isolator rental $2,200/month
Technologist time $90.00/hour

An isolator must be rented for animal
housing for the duration of the project.
Isolator charges include: maintenance
(feed, water, cage cleaning), foster dams,
and health monitoring. An isolator
accommodates 33 mouse or 12 rat cages.

Laboratory technician time varies depending
upon the amount of participation required
from Simonsen technologists and is billed
on a per hour basis. Additional charges are
billed for tissue and serum transportation
for customers located outside our local
delivery area.

Simonsen has performed extensive numbers
of caesarean rederivations for many years.
However, we cannot guarantee that the
foster mothers accept the offspring or that
the uterus will stay intact during the
surgery. These are not normal occurrences
with Simonsen techniques for rederivation,
but are beyond our control and not
warranted. Simonsen's customized
rederivation service will meet requirements
for developing pathogen-free colonies of
rats and mice.

Simonsen will accept up to 6 pregnant
females per strain for rederivation. There is
no guarantee of number of weaned litters
or number of surgeries performed. Simonsen
will attempt to provide a successful
rederivation of the line.

Simonsen Laboratories, Inc.
(408) 847-2002